This is one of the most important stages. At this stage produced the following works:

  • technological project with reference to place;

  • selection of equipment in accordance with the project menu (described in concepts);

  • pre-contractual work with suppliers.



To succeed, you need to make a business plan to develop a competitive strategy. Correctly and clearly thought-out action will certainly lead the company to success over a much shorter period of time. When drawing up a restaurant business plan special attention is paid to the following issues: assessment of the effectiveness of the business plan; a plan of proposed actions aimed at implementing the new project; funding — identifying and specifying required resources to support business programs, including the determination of the size of the investment required to open a new restaurant.


One of the expertise's areas of our company is "turnkey" restaurants opening. We can accomplish a wide range of works from design to complex equipment and delivery restaurants in operation.

We help to realize your dream! All you need to do is to provide us with the idea and place for the planning restaurant. Other things are up to us. While ordering the “turnkey” complex service from us, you will get complete professional support on projecting and project’s realizing.

The whole list of “turnkey” restaurant opening service:



The design of concept is based on the marketing data and Customer’s will. It looks like a technical task or step - by - step instruction of your restaurant creation, which will be a well – detailed developed business. It means to check the whole restaurant’s idea and to formulate the holistic view of all restaurant’s services work. The designed concept finally will help in getting the ready restaurant business object in accordance with Customer’s idea.



Development of the schedule is a modern project management tool, which allows you to:

  • accurately determine the time for execution of the project;

  • calculate the project budget based on resources, i.e. staff, equipment and materials necessary to perform the tasks;

  • define the goals and objectives of the project and the effort required for their implementation;

  • quickly track the progress of the Project;

  • manage project risk in its implementation.



This stage includes the following:

  • preliminary design with three-dimensional imaging from multiple view points of all public spaces, developed on the basis of the concept;

  • working documentation, including all required sections, developed on the basis of the design project prepared for approval and transmission to the contractor (creation of working drawings, a plan of dismantling of walls, floor plan after redevelopment, ceiling plan, floor plan, explication of flooring, plan the placement of lighting fixtures, wiring light points, specification of lighting equipment, cut and sweep the walls with decorative elements, the plan of arrangement of furniture, finishing list);

  • supervision of the designer.



The construction phase includes:

  • construction and installation works;

  • interior finishing work;

  • installation and commissioning of electrical systems and lighting, heating, water supply and sewerage, ventilation and air-conditioning


Questions on complex equipment of the restaurant are at our responsibility. We work with suppliers on special terms, which will allow you to save. Restaurant equipment with individual furniture, made to order, good equipment, professional cookware, which can be used with a special sophistication to lay the tables, will serve to emphasize the uniqueness of the restaurant. From the picking of the restaurant will depend on the functionality and success of the Project.

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