Lighting design is an important consideration when creating a quality of facility equipment. Design, functionality and rational economic feasibility of lighting will help to solve any task in the field of lighting while not affecting the structural basis of the object itself. Due to proper design the Customer  might see the real picture of what the outcome will be on the stage of development.

We offer a full range of services:

  • cinsulting on modern lighting capabilities;

  • development of the lighting concept and creation of complex lighting projects;

  • selection of lighting equipment and lighting calculations;

  • placement of equipment on the Customer's drawings with bindings;

  • the establishment of specifications and budget calculation.

To create a lighting project from the Client we need the following information:

  • drawings in Autocad format or PDF;

  • visualization of the premises;

  • wishes by equipment type on the basis of our catalogues

We use the latest technology that makes our work extremely efficient and high-quality. When creating a lighting project not only competent selection of lighting equipment types and capacities of light sources are important, but also the location of the equipment within the facility so that it is advantageous to emphasize the dignity and hide defects.

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