Cooperating with the customer from the very beginning of the project, architects and designers can take into account any wishes of the client and not least, start with a predefined budget of the customer. Working with DIVIO company, the customer can forget the worries associated with finding of various performers. We implemented a lot of projects, and we have been cooperating with many large, well-known and respected customers.



The range of works on designing, construction, finishing and engineering equipment of the interior of commercial real estate. The term «FIT-OUT» is used exclusively in commercial real estate. And, as a rule, "Fit-out" projects are distinguished with the original decision, increased attention to the fashion component, fitting the most technologically advanced equipment.

Fit-Out Projects can be implemented as follows:




General contractor fully takes on creation of the office, including the design and construction of all phases. Оur company mainly works under such scheme.

The customer has the finished architectural concept, which general contractor realises

General contractor attaches only during the construction phase; the customer is looking for designer of the architectural concept, design and working project on his own.

The main stages of the project:

  • The pre-stage. Need analysis and technical assessment, sketches, preliminary planning, negotiation and signing of the contract and payment schedule;

  • Design Stage. Development of a design project. coordination of finishing materials and ordering long walking positions;

  • Construction stage. Implementation of the demounting, construction and engineering work. Finalization of the project in accordance with the customer's comments. Internal acceptance of work, conducting production testing of the engineering equipment;

  • Completion of the project and warranty. Acceptance of the work by the customer. Sending customers a full package of as-built documentation. Guarantee service of the interior and engineering systems.

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